The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is in the news again. This time, Binance is in the news for the right reasons. In an October 8th post on its blog, Binance disclosed that it would channel all the funds made through the listing of coins and tokens to charity. While the exchange has done a good job at keeping its listing fees a top secret, Binance stated that it would relax the rule. Basically, the exchange, which controls the majority of global cryptocurrency transactions, would start publishing its listing fees.


Disclosing Listing Fees – Blockchain Charity Foundation

According to the post available on Medium, Binance reaffirmed its commitment to disclosing its listing fees and giving ALL the proceeds to charity. In the post, it noted that the funds would move through Blockchain Charity Foundation. A close look at its background shows that Blockchain Charity Foundation is a nonprofit that Binance established. The reason for its establishment is to develop and advance global blockchain-oriented philanthropy. Indeed, to consolidate on the sweeping changes, Binance noted that project owners will propose a listing fee of their choice. Afterward, the amount will be donated to its Blockchain Charity Foundation.

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